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Merkel's head-shaped marzipans are sold in Germany

The cost of one Merkel-marzipan is about five euros. Handmade dessert is recommended for those who want to wish the policy of success.

In Germany, marzipans appeared on sale in the form of the head of the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The sweetness was released less than two weeks before the parliamentary elections, according to the manufacturer's website.

An unusual handmade dessert made by the marzipan company Odenwalder Marzipan Konditorei.

The weight of the product is 50 g, length — 7.5 cm, width — 20 cm, thickness — 1.5 cm. The cost of one marzipan is 4.95 euros.

The manufacturer encourages the purchase of the product "to everyone who wants to wish the German Chancellor success in retirement."

In the meantime, it became known that the rating of Merkel's party fell record-breaking before the elections. Since no party will have enough votes to form a majority, coalition talks await Germany.

Meanwhile, Germany predicts that Merkel will remain chancellor until the end of the year. Negotiations on a new ruling coalition will drag on after the elections to the Bundestag, which will lead to the current chancellor continuing to fulfill his duties.

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