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US Elections: Sanders Needs Victory in Michigan

US Elections: Sanders Needs Victory in Michigan

In order for Bernie Sanders to remain a competitor for Joe Biden in the battle for the presidential election from the Democratic Party, he will have to repeat what he did four years ago: to win the primary in Michigan.

This was reported by Reuters.

Sanders is in great need of a victory after former Vice President Biden won in many southern states, as well as in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Texas.

Michigan is the most competitive of the six states in which the election race is running. He offers the largest number of 1,991 delegates that a candidate needs to be directly nominated: 125. And it is very important for Sanders to get this momentum.

In addition to the state of Michigan, Washington, Mississippi, Missouri and Idaho will hold primary elections on Tuesday. North Dakota will hold meetings.

Sanders' loss in Michigan could give Biden an insurmountable advantage.

The state is also significant for the November 3 general election.

According to surveys conducted by Edison Research, Biden used his popularity among black voters, having achieved tremendous success on Super Tuesday, receiving 70% of the vote from African American voters in Alabama and Virginia and 60% in North Carolina and Texas.

African Americans will be critical in Michigan, where they make up almost 14% of the population. Some areas of Detroit are 80% African American.

This weekend, Sanders canceled campaign plans for the Mississippi, focusing instead on Michigan.

Earlier, US Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her withdrawal from the struggle for the US presidential nomination from the Democratic Party.
In the territory of ten American states, on the eve of the “Super Tuesday,” a large-scale advertising campaign was launched against the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, which spent about a million dollars.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden triumphed in nine US states at the Democratic Primaries on Tuesday, March 3rd. His presidential rival Senator Bernie Sanders leads California.

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