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Ukraine and Latvia decided to play on the side of Trump against Biden

A whole competition has unfolded in Eastern Europe — how to make Donald Trump happy. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka did not have time to announce that an audit of the production of 15 cases of the Burisma company would be carried out, as the Latvians quickly fussed and expressed their willingness to merge the dirt on ex-vice president of the United States Joe Biden and his son.

According to the Latvian press, the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings transferred funds to the firm of the son of Joe Biden — Hunter — Rosemont Seneca, through the Latvian AS PrivatBank, through an offshore chain, to an account with Morgan Stanley Bank in New York.

Tranches ranging in size from 80 thousand to 166 thousand dollars went monthly from 2014 to 2019 and were transferred, including to the account of Joe Biden himself.

As you know, Hunter Biden was a member of the board of directors of Burisma Holdings and left his post only in April 2019, when a scandal broke out in the United States about corruption schemes of the Biden family in Ukraine. Donald Trump decided to use this situation for his own purposes in order to remove from the road a competitor in the upcoming US presidential election from the Democratic Party — Joe Biden.

Perhaps Kyiv politicians like the attention that American partners give them to inflate or extinguish this scandal, but in general for the country, this situation is negative. Ukraine, and so does not have the best reputation in the international arena, is turning into a very toxic partner, which is simply dangerous to deal with. And the words “Ukraine” and “corruption” have long become synonymous in the West.

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