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The US to exchange cutting-edge technology with Britain and Australia

Politico describes the alliance as a veiled attempt to confront China in the military and technological spheres.

US President Joe Biden will today announce the creation of a working group with the UK and Australia to exchange advanced technologies — this may be a covert attempt to resist China. It is reported by Politico on Wednesday 15 September.

The preparations for Biden's speech, scheduled for 17:00 local time, were announced by a White House official and an employee of the US Congress.

According to the plan, the United States, Britain, and Australia will facilitate the exchange of information in key technological areas such as artificial intelligence, cyber and underwater systems, as well as the possibility of long-range strikes.

According to one official, the arrangement will also have a nuclear element, in which the US and Britain will share their knowledge of how to maintain a nuclear defense infrastructure.

Politico, citing its own sources, adds that there will be no explicit mention of China in the agreement, but both interlocutors noted that the implication of the pact is that this is another step by the Western allies to confront China in the military and technological spheres.

We will remind that earlier China accused the United States of a deadlock state of relations. Relations between China and the United States are at an impasse because of Washington's policies, according to Beijing.

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