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A nuclear waste dump will be arranged in Texas

US regulators have approved a nuclear dump in Texas, despite the objections of local authorities, Bloomberg reports.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a license to Orano and its partner in the processing and storage of radioactive waste, Waste Control Specialists, to create a storage facility in the heart of the Permian oil and gas basin. Their joint venture, Interim Storage Partners, plans to build a burial ground and transport nuclear waste there from all over the country by rail and seal it in concrete barrels that will be stored above ground.

However, the authorities of the American state oppose this decision, because they fear that a possible leak could infect a region that produces millions of barrels of oil per day. The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, is trying to block the promotion of the project. The company's statement says that the project meets all the requirements of environmental protection, health, and safety, does not harm residents and industries located near the burial ground.

At the moment, there are tons of nuclear waste throughout the country without a permanent burial place, some of it is stored at two nuclear power plants in Texas. Waste can remain radioactive for thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years.

The US is actively trying to switch to renewable energy sources. However, they do not want to abandon the nuclear power plant, despite the problem with waste disposal. Nuclear power plants emit a large amount of energy with a minimum amount of emissions. According to the adviser to President Joe Biden on climate, Regina McCarthy, it is necessary to support some existing nuclear power plants in order to achieve the US goals of decarbonizing the electric grid by 2035. In the state of Illinois, the authorities have passed a bill according to which two local nuclear power plants should be granted benefits in the amount of $700 million.

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