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Elon Musk criticized the tax benefits for a competitor

Tesla CEO Elon Musk criticized the law, which could benefit individual manufacturers of electric vehicles. According to Insider, on August 10, members of the House of Representatives proposed to provide tax incentives in the amount of $4,500 for the purchase of electric vehicles from companies united in trade unions.

Tesla's competitors such as General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler will benefit from the adoption of the law. They are members of the United Automobile Workers union (UAW). The law will have a negative impact on companies that are not united in trade unions. Such enterprises include the American Tesla, as well as foreign automakers that are not members of US trade unions. For example, Toyota and Honda opposed tax incentives. Toyota said the law discriminates against automakers because of their decision not to unionize.

Musk spoke out against the new bill on his Twitter account. "This is written by Ford / UAW lobbyists who assemble their electric cars in Mexico. It is unclear what benefit this will bring to American taxpayers, " wrote the CEO of Tesla.

One of the Twitter users wrote that US President Joe Biden should prioritize American-made cars. Musk responded to this comment by noting the official account of the head of state.

Tesla's anti-union stance has led to tension between the Biden administration and the company. In August, the president held an event dedicated to American electric cars, which was not attended by Tesla. Musk wrote about this on his Twitter account: "It's strange that Tesla was not invited."

Tesla has historically opposed unionization. The company did not welcome trade union activists in the ranks of its employees either. Richard Ortiz, one of the employees and a member of the "Fair Future at Tesla" campaign, was even fired for distributing trade union literature during non-working hours. However, the employee managed to challenge the decision of the authorities. The US National Labor Relations Administration has ordered Elon Musk to delete a tweet criticizing trade unions, as well as to restore the activist to work and compensate him for the loss of earnings and benefits.

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