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China has experienced an outbreak of the "delta" strain

In the Chinese sneaker manufacturing center of Putian city in Fujian province, 64 new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the past two days. Of these, 32 were asymptomatic. The scale of this outbreak is much smaller than the previous one in Nanjing. But residents of Putian will still have to change their holiday plans.

We are talking about the Mid-Autumn Festival and national holidays on Oct. 1, The Global Times specified. Last year, about 637 million flights were flown domestically during the fall festivities. Putin residents postponed their trips to the coast. Many are so worried about the epidemic that they don't want to let their children go to school. They have stocked up on everything they need and are trying to stay indoors.

Wang Guangfa, a respiratory disease specialist at Peking University's First Hospital, told the publication that the current outbreak will probably be limited to Putian. Therefore, travel during national holidays in other parts of the country is unlikely to be canceled. Provided that strict epidemic control will be observed in Putyang.

According to the expert, if all measures are taken properly, the number of infections will decrease in seven days and there will be no new cases after 28 days.

The local government of Putyan has asked residents to stay in the city, and public establishments from museums to cafes have been suspended. Restaurants have limited hours of operation.

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