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Trump answered the question about his participation in the 2024 elections

Former U.S. President Donald Trump answered the question about whether he will participate in the presidential elections in 2024. He said this during a meeting with police officers in New York.

Trump, commenting on his plans for the future, noted that this is a difficult issue. "Although, in fact, it is simple for me," the politician stressed at the same time.

According to Trump, he already knows what he will do, but he can't talk about the elections in 2024 yet because of campaign finance laws. "But I think you will be happy. Let's put it this way," he added.

Earlier, the newspaper Politico wrote that Trump intends to participate in the 2024 elections, such a development of the situation is allowed by his entourage and supporters in the Republican Party. It is noted that the ex-leader has strengthened his presence in the media space and is waiting for a convenient moment to announce this. Despite the fact that he has not yet made a final decision, his staff has stepped up fundraising and started posting more and more political agitation, including criticism of the current head of the American state Joe Biden.

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