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In Mexico, a rock collapsed on residential buildings

There were people under the rocks and debris of the buildings, four of them have already been taken out. At the moment there is only one known victim.

Ten residential buildings in the Mexican state of Mexico were found under the rocks, which were formed as a result of the landslide. So far only one death is known.

The rocky mound collapsed in the area of Lazaro Cardenas the day before. The number of people trapped under the rocks and debris of structures is still being specified. So far, rescuers have managed to extract four people, there is no information about their condition.

The search and rescue operation is continuing, but it is progressing slowly due to the risk of another landslide.

According to the newspaper, the movement of the rock could have been caused by an earthquake of magnitude 7.1, which occurred in the northwest of the country on September 7 and was felt in several states. As indicated, residents of the destroyed houses were notified of the risk of a landslide.

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