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The US found measles in Afghan refugees and suspended their evacuation

The United States has suspended the admission of Afghan refugees due to cases of measles detected among them, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, CNN reports.

As the press secretary of the American president noted, a dangerous virus was found in four people from Afghanistan. "Allies Welcome flights to the United States were temporarily suspended at the request of the medical regulator CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States) because of excessive caution, " she said.

At the moment, patients with measles have been quarantined. Doctors are looking for people who have been in contact with them. Afghans were evacuated to the United States from military bases in Germany and Qatar. According to Psaki, Afghans arriving in America in the future will have to be vaccinated against measles as a condition of entry into the country. Now the US administration is studying measures to vaccinate people abroad.

Measles is an acute infectious viral disease with a very high level of contagiousness. Distinctive features are atypical rash, as well as damage to the conjunctiva of the eyes and the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. In 2000, the United States declared that it had completely defeated measles, but it continued to be brought by foreigners.

Earlier, Washington identified 44 people among the citizens evacuated from Afghanistan who pose a potential threat to the national security of the state.

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