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Britons have begun to give up dogs they got during the pandemic

British people have begun to give up their dogs, which they got during the pandemic coronavirus. It is reported by the "BBC" with reference to the study of the British charity foundation for the protection of dog's Dogs Trust.

According to the foundation, the number of calls related to dog abandonment has increased by 35 percent in the past few weeks because people have reconsidered the need for a pet.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, national pet sales skyrocketed and puppy prices more than doubled. At the time of the restrictions because of COVID-19, their average cost was ВЈ1,900 per dog.

However, after the coronavirus restrictions began to be lifted in the country and the puppies themselves began to turn into rowdy teenagers, owners reconsidered their attitude to an animal's place in their lives.

According to the foundation, traffic to the pages of their "give up your dog" website in July was up more than 180 percent from February 2021. According to Owen Sharp, executive director of the foundation, an increase in the number of dogs coming into the organization is expected in the near future, he called the situation a "looming crisis."

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