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Xi Jinping offered Biden cooperation instead of confrontation

China told about the talks between the leaders of the two countries. Beijing condemned the U.S. policy towards China and stated its readiness to have a dialogue with Washington.

The confrontation between Beijing and Washington is a threat not only to the two countries but to the whole world. Chinese President Xi Jinping said this in a telephone conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden on Friday, Sept. 10.

"China-U.S. cooperation will benefit both sides and the whole world. The confrontation between China and the U.S. will endanger both countries and the whole world," he was quoted as saying by China Central Television.

"For some time, U.S. policy toward China has led to serious difficulties in Shina-U.S. relations. It is not in the fundamental interests of the people of the two countries and the common interests of all the states of the world," Xi Jinping added.

He noted that not only the fate of the two countries but of the entire world depends on whether China and the United States can mend relations. "This is the question of the century, to which both states must give an answer," Xi Jinping pointed out.

According to him, Beijing and Washington must show political will and responsibility and return their relations to the path of normal development as soon as possible.

Beijing is willing to dialogue and engage with Washington in combating climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, as well as in economic recovery and solving the world's problems, Xi Jinping said.

"Subject to respecting the core interests of both sides and with proper control over differences, the relevant departments of the two states can continue contact and dialogue, promote alignment and cooperation on such issues as climate change, combating the pandemic, economic recovery, and addressing important regional and global issues," he was quoted as saying by China Central Television.

"At the same time, unlocking the potential for cooperation will be able to give bilateral relations an even stronger positive impetus," Xi Jinping added.

He also explained to his U.S. counterpart that Beijing is determined to prioritize environmental issues, pursue a "green development path" and reduce atmospheric emissions. Xi Jinping noted that China will make international commitments in this area in accordance with its national conditions.

Earlier China criticized the US report on the origin of COVID. Beijing rejected accusations of non-transparency and said that the report was based on a presumption of guilt on Beijing's part. Before that, U.S. intelligence released an unclassified version of the report on the origin of the coronavirus. The authors acknowledged that they could not get more clarity without the cooperation of the Chinese side, which allegedly continues to obstruct the investigation.

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