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Photos with dramatically thinner Kim Jong Un appeared on the web

Presumably, the North Korean leader lost over ten kilograms.

North Korean state media officially noted the change in weight of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un in order to exclude all speculation about his health problems and to show the hard work of the head of state for the good of the nation during a difficult period for the country.

This statement was made by the director of the Center for North Korean Studies of the Institute Sejong Jong Song Zhang.

North Korean state television earlier showed an unusual story for the DPRK media, in which an unknown resident of Pyongyang reported how he and other residents of Pyongyang were "grief-stricken" due to the fact that the North Korean leader had dramatically lost weight, and his "emaciated" appearance brought them to tears ...

In pictures taken from the plenum of the Central Committee of the Party on June 15-18 and at a concert by the State Council Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble, supposedly taken on June 18 or 19, Kim Jong-un was already noticeably thinner than during the official events in May this year.

According to the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, citing sources, Kim Jong-un's height is 170 centimeters, while his weight was about 140 kilograms, which exceeds the norm for people aged 30-40 years and may indicate some health problems ...

According to the newspaper, recently the North Korean leader's entourage asked him to lose weight and rest. The head of the DPRK initially refused due to the fact that he had "not done anything for the citizens," but then he agreed and spent a month outside Pyongyang, taking care of his health. As noted, Kim Jong-un returned to the capital so changed that even the leaders of the party were surprised. Presumably, he lost over ten kilograms.

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