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Italians will be allowed to grow up to 4 cannabis bushes at home

The Chamber of Deputies of Italy adopted in the first reading a law on the legalization of growing cannabis in a small size at home. This was reported by the publication Corriere Della Sera.

Italians will be able to have up to 4 bushes of the plant at home.

“We are the first in Europe to decriminalize the cultivation of cannabis at home for personal use, “said Riccardo Magi, one of the co-authors of the bill and a deputy of the left-liberal party” More Europe!”.

“Growing cannabis at home is necessary for patients who are forced to use it for therapeutic purposes because due to the lack of medical cannabis in pharmacies, such people have to turn to the services of drug dealers, “said another deputy from the largest faction of the Five Star Movement, Mario Perantoni.

Nevertheless, many deputies did not support the initiative — almost all right-wing parties voted “against” the law.

Now the deputies will have a short time to adopt amendments to the law before finally voting on it.

Earlier it was reported that in Italy, law enforcement officers found a plantation of hallucinogenic cacti.

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