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The most expensive house in America is for sale after declaring default

The most expensive house in the United States is for sale after the default was announced, its price fell to $165 million, according to CNBC.

The mansion called The One, with a total area of 9755 sq. m. is located in Los Angeles, in the western district of Bel-Air, and its original price was about $500 million. The mansion has nine bedrooms, several kitchens, its own nightclub, bowling club, beauty salon, gym, as well as a theater with 50 seats and a huge parking lot for 50 cars with two lifting mechanisms.

However, due to constant costs and delays during construction — the original delivery date of the house was in 2017 — the price of The One mansion steadily declined until the developer, Neil Miami, was forced to declare a default during construction.

Now the building and the land plot will be transferred to the order of the Los Angeles County Supreme Court. It is expected that soon The One mansion will be put up for sale at a lower price.

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