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The mother of an American marine who died in Kabul invited Trump to the funeral of her son

The mother of one of the Marines killed in a suicide attack at the Kabul airport has invited Donald Trump to attend his son's funeral, Fox News reports.

Shana Chappell's son, 20-year-old Lance Corporal Karim Nikui, was one of 13 US servicemen killed in a suicide attack at the Abbey Gate at Hamid Karzai International Airport on August 26.

"I would be glad if one of my presidents (you, Mr. Trump) could be present when I commit the body of my beautiful boy Lance Karim Nikui to the ground. It would be such an honor for me to meet with the real President of the United States, President Trump. I love you, and America loves you, " Chappell wrote on Facebook.

It is not known whether Trump plans to attend the funeral, which will be held on September 18 in California, but he responded to Chappell's invitation by email.

"Thank you, Shana, our country loves you and especially loves your beautiful son Karim," the former US president wrote in a letter.

Chappell also blamed Biden for the deaths of military personnel during the failed withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, writing in another post on Facebook that "the blood of all 13 heroes is on your hands."

Trump, in turn, responded to this post.

"Shana, you are 100% right. If I were president, your wonderful and wonderful son Karim would be with you now, as well as the sons and daughters of other people, including all those who died as a result of the brutal attack on the Kabul airport," the former US president wrote.

On August 26, an explosion occurred near the Kabul airport. Dozens of Afghan civilians and at least 13 American soldiers were killed in the terrorist attack — eleven Marines, one army soldier, and a navy medical worker.

Soon, the Pentagon announced the completion of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Biden decided not to extend the operation to evacuate people from Afghanistan, based on the recommendations of the US military.

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