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«Biden, go away!»: the president was booed by Americans affected by Hurricane Ida

Residents of the city of Manville, New Jersey, booed President Joe Biden. The head of the United States visited the areas most affected by Hurricane Ida. This was reported by the New York Post.

During his visit to New York and New Jersey, the American president encountered angry locals. A group of protesters positioned themselves at a section of the route in the city of Manville. They held placards that read, "Fuck you, Biden!” and “Biden, go back to the basement!” and pointed the middle finger. One of the locals shouted “Resign, you tyrant!” as the president inspected the destroyed house. According to reporters, Biden did not react to the taunts. The locals' main complaint is that the politicians did not do enough to warn them of the impending disaster.

“There was absolutely no warning. I didn't expect the water from my own sewer system to kill me,” said one resident, Danette Rivera.

In Queens, Biden greeted local residents who also came out to meet him.

“Climate change is an existential threat to our lives, to our economy. It's not going to get any better. We can't turn it around, but we can prevent it from getting worse,” he said.

Biden visited areas of Louisiana last Friday where the hurricane also destroyed many homes and thousands of people are still without power.

Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida struck the state of Louisiana on August 29. It was rated fourth out of five, and its speed was over 200 kilometers per hour. The hurricane began near where Hurricane Katrina first struck, killing more than 2,000 people. Later the president of the USA Joe Biden declared the state of emergency. “Ida” moved toward the northeast, toward the most densely populated parts of the United States on September 2. The impact of the elements was felt by residents of the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. According to the last data, it took the lives of 66 people.

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