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The governor of Texas told whether the raped women will have the right to an abortion

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that women who became pregnant as a result of rape are not deprived of the right to an abortion, since according to the new norms, abortion is allowed for everyone up to the sixth week of pregnancy. This is reported by CNN.

"The state of Texas will do everything possible to fight crime and remove rapists from our streets so that no one else is a victim of rape," the governor added.

Abbott's statement caused criticism among representatives of the liberal-minded public.

"Judging by such statements, it seems to me that the government knows nothing about the bodies of people who are menstruating. First, six weeks of pregnancy is a two-week delay in the menstrual cycle, and such a delay can occur due to stress, a change in diet, or a huge number of reasons. Secondly, the overwhelming number of rapes or other violent acts of a sexual nature are committed by people whom the victims know, and not just maniacs walking the streets, whom he suggests putting in prison. It is not often that victims of such crimes want to make their trauma public, " said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the US House of Representatives from the Democratic Party.

The ban on abortions after the first fetal heartbeat began to take effect in Texas on September 1 after the US Supreme Court refused to block its entry into force in an emergency order. This usually happens in the sixth week of pregnancy.

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