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Erdogan has released a book

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has released a book "A more just world is possible". Its sale started in the country on September 6, Anadolu agency reports.

In his book, the politician focuses on the problems of global politics, in particular, injustice, international terrorism and Islamophobia, the migration crisis, discrimination, and double standards.

The Turkish leader expressed the opinion that fundamental changes should be made in the UN Security Council. He noted that Ankara's goal is to " establish a system in which the power is behind the one who is right, and not vice versa — the one who is strong is right."

The work of the head of state says that the institutions that are responsible for establishing global justice work by inertia. The politician believes that it is impossible to solve modern problems with the help of institutions that are formed in accordance with the requirements of the past. It is also obvious that these institutions are creating new problems, he says.

"In our understanding, it is justice that will ensure the world order, the salvation of the world, and its happiness. We need a global order that will provide confidence and hope for the formation of a more just world," Erdogan writes.

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