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The U.S. has questions for Russia over the Poseidon combat system

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Russia with the help of the latest submarine "Poseidon" wants to deter American aircraft carriers, but this raises many questions. Such conclusions were presented by Western media expert Michael Peck.

Some time ago, the Russian military began testing the Poseidon underwater vehicle, which is a huge torpedo. According to Michael Peck, the concept of using the latest combat device is quite mysterious. This is reported by The National Interest (NI).

"The mystery is why a giant unmanned underwater vehicle is needed to detonate a nuclear warhead near a U.S. aircraft carrier?" — asks the NI author.

"The Poseidon is designed for underwater delivery of a nuclear warhead over long distances, which should be enough to destroy an enemy aircraft carrier group or a large coastal city. The detonation of the munition can cause a powerful tsunami, and it should cover the enemy's coastal infrastructure.

"But the question remains, why did Russia decide to launch a nuclear strike on an American city using an underwater drone?<...> After all, an intercontinental ballistic missile can do the job in just 30 minutes," the analyst states.

Russia is positioning the Poseidon as a retaliatory weapon that would avenge the first US strike if the US missile defense was capable of stopping hundreds of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles. But such a delivery system, which could take days or weeks, is far from certain to be an effective deterrent.

More intriguing is the suggestion that the Poseidon could be used against U.S. aircraft carriers. A very fast drone with nuclear weapons could prove a difficult target for U.S. anti-submarine defense. But why the difficulty? If the goal is to sink a U.S. aircraft carrier, Russia can do so with a salvo of its hypersonic missiles, such as the Dagger. Russia has no shortage of missiles, bombs, and aircraft to defeat American ships. Thus, the concept of using an unusual nuclear-powered underwater drone raises many questions.

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