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Gaddafi's son is out of jail and flying to Turkey

Saadi, the youngest son of Libya's late former leader Muammar Gaddafi, has been released from prison in Tripoli and flew to Turkey, The Libya Observer reported, citing a source.

A former professional soccer player, 47-year-old Saadi Gaddafi, who had served his sentence for crimes against protesters in 2011, was released on the order of the prosecutor's office. It is known that the country's authorities did not prevent his departure to Istanbul.

Saadi is the third of the Libyan colonel's seven sons. After his death in 2011, he hid in Niger, but three years later that country extradited him to Tripoli. In addition to the aforementioned case, the soccer player was also first found guilty of killing the coach, but he was acquitted in 2018.

Earlier, another son of Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, spoke about his work to reorganize his father's political forces, the Green Movement. The New York Times wrote that he was confident in his ability to restore the country's unity and did not even rule out his candidacy for president. Saif al-Islam was also put on trial after his father's murder and even received a death sentence but was later released under a general amnesty.

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