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The Taliban declared full control over Panjshir

A representative of the Taliban movement, Zabiullah Mujahid, announced that the group had completely captured the previously inaccessible Panjshir province in northern Afghanistan, where resistance forces were operating.

Mujahid wrote on his Twitter page that "the last nest of the mercenary enemy" has been completely conquered, and efforts to ensure "complete security in the country" have also brought results.

The Taliban have been trying to storm Panjshir for more than two weeks after reports of unsuccessful negotiations with the militia leader Ahmad Masood, who, in particular, demanded 30% of the seats in the Afghan government, weapons, and equipment. The militia managed to repel the offensive without much difficulty.

Earlier, Islamic scholars and theologians of Afghanistan called on the parties to stop the fighting and lift the blockade of the Panjshir Gorge, where the Taliban resistance forces are concentrated. The representative of the Taliban, Anamullah Samangani, said in response that he did not confirm the fact of the blockade of roads leading to Panjshir.

The day before, the Taliban rejected Masood's proposal on the possibility of a ceasefire in the province not controlled by the Taliban.

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