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In the US, dollars are quarantined due to coronavirus

In the US, dollars are quarantined due to coronavirus

These measures are introduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The fate of many travelers returning home from China and other countries to which the new type of coronavirus made its way also befell the dollar. The US Federal Reserve has begun quarantining the money that it repatriates from Asia, Reuters reports.

The Fed representative said that regional banks will postpone the supply of dollars for seven to ten days before processing and redistributing them to financial institutions. The money will be sent to the US financial system only after quarantine.

Earlier, we wrote that in the coming weeks in the European Union countries, a surge in the number of cases of coronavirus infection from China is expected. European Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakides said that this will be a test for doctors.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 made it to another country — the first case of infection with a new coronavirus was recorded in Colombia.

We also add that in terms of the rate of spread of coronavirus, Italy has already overtaken two main foci of infection — China and South Korea. There, only in a day, 769 new cases were discovered.

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