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Pets evacuated from Afghanistan will be quarantined

Cats and dogs that were taken from a Kabul shelter to the UK last week will be sent to a long quarantine. This is reported by Al Arabiya English with reference to a representative of the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Areas of the United Kingdom.

"The Animal and Plant Health Protection Agency (APHA) has issued a permit for the transportation of cats and dogs of the Novzad charity organization to pre-prepared quarantine facilities, where they will stay for four months or until certain requirements are met, "a department representative said.

According to him, there are a number of approved APHA quarantine centers in Britain.

The rules for importing pets to the UK depend on the country from which they were brought.

According to the official, pets are allowed to enter if they have a microchip, a pet passport, or a health certificate, and are also vaccinated against rabies. At the same time, the animal may also need a blood test if it comes from a state that is not on the list.

In addition, dogs must undergo treatment for tapeworms if they do not come from a country recognized as free of tapeworms.

Animals that do not meet these requirements can be quarantined for up to four months.

Earlier, the British authorities allowed to organize a charter flight to evacuate 200 dogs and cats from Kabul.

The animal rescue was carried out by the charity organization "Novzad" and personally its founder, a former marine of the armed forces of the United Kingdom, Pen Farthing.

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