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The Taliban offensive in Panjshir has slowed down

The offensive operation that the Taliban is conducting in the Afghan province of Panjshir, which is under the control of opponents of the movement, has slowed down. This is reported by the Al-Jazeera TV channel.

Taliban's advance into the rebel Panjshir was slowed down due to anti-personnel mines planted on the road leading to the provincial capital of Barak.

"The mine clearance and the offensive are being carried out simultaneously," said a member of the movement.

Earlier, the head of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, Ahmad Masood, said that the opponents of the Taliban will never stop fighting. According to him, the resistance in the provinces of Panjshir and Herat, where those who disagree with the Taliban have firmly declared their rights, demonstrate that people have not given up their just demands, that they will not give up a fair fight and will not be afraid of threats.

Before that, the Taliban claimed that they had gained control of the strategically important districts of Panjshir, Hinj, and Annaba.

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