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51 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with Biden's work

The approval rating of US President Joe Biden among Americans has dropped by six percentage points over the past month to 43%, according to a survey by the Marist Institute sociological service with the support of NPR radio and the PBS NewsHour TV program.

Only 43% of respondents approved of Biden's activities as head of state (49% a month ago). The number of dissatisfied with the president's work has grown even more — 51% compared to 44% a month earlier.

The number of respondents who “categorically disapprove” of Biden's activities increased by more than ten percentage points — 41% against 30% a month earlier.

The survey data reflect the respondent's reaction to the events in Afghanistan, which were associated with additional research questions. In particular, the respondents were asked to name the president who, in their opinion, bears the main responsibility for the failure of US policy in this country. The largest number of votes was received by George W. Bush — 36%, Biden took second place with 21%, Barack Obama-third (15%). Donald Trump was recognized as the most uninvolved in the development of events of the last month — 12% of the votes.

The survey was conducted from August 26 to 31, 1,241 adult residents of the United States took part in it, the statistical error is 3.8 percentage points.

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