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Alpha rocket exploded on command from control center — Firefly Aerospace

The launch vehicle passed several important milestones on its first attempt: it got off the ground, reached supersonic speed, and withstood maximum pressure, the company said.

The flight of the Alpha rocket was interrupted according to safety protocols. This was reported on Friday, September 3, by the American company Firefly Aerospace, the owner of which is a Ukrainian entrepreneur Max Polyakov.

"The Firefly Alpha rocket did not spontaneously explode, its flight was aborted from the Space Launch Delta 30 control center due to an anomaly, according to flight safety protocols," the press service stressed.

For its part, Vandenberg Air Force Base confirmed that Firefly Aerospace's Alpha rocket explosion was controlled.

"Its flight was terminated by the Space Launch Delta 30 team at Vandenberg Air Force Base after a deviation in the flight path was detected," the statement said.

At the same time, Firefly Aerospace believes that the Alpha launch itself can be called a success and reminds us that no private company in the world has been able to launch a rocket into space successfully on its first attempt.

"The Alpha rocket overcame several crucial phases on its first attempt: it got off the ground, reached supersonic speed, and withstood maximum pressure (Max Q)," the company stressed.

Firefly Aerospace is currently investigating the cause of the anomaly along with representatives of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Space Forces Vandenberg Base.

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