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The withdrawal of the US military from Afghanistan will hit Russia and China

After the fall of Kabul and the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, Beijing “could not contain its glee at the humiliation of its main rival” — the United States, writes The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper notes that China may be rejoicing early: the victory of the Taliban could hit Beijing, as well as Moscow.

The WSJ emphasizes that Russia and China are located much closer to Afghanistan than the United States, and they will be the first to feel the consequences of the coup — refugee flows, increased terrorism, and drug trafficking.

British politician, a veteran of the Afghan war Tom Tugendhat said that Moscow and Beijing do not need chaos in Afghanistan: “the Russians and the Chinese can behave badly only in the world that the United States organizes.”

“You can only be a rebellious teenager when you know that dad will fill up your car tomorrow anyway,” he said.

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