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Scientists from the United States identified the scenario of a possible nuclear war in 2025

In their study, they tried to assess a possible conflict and present its scale, based on the estimated size of the nuclear arsenal of India and Pakistan by 2025.

A group of US researchers led by an atmospheric scientist from the University of Colorado Owen Thun simulated the effects of a potential nuclear war between India and Pakistan. The work of scientists was published in the journal Science Advances.

According to the researchers, in 2025, from 400 to 500 nuclear weapons will be at the disposal of India and Pakistan. Each warhead in power will be within 100 kilotons.

If India uses hundreds of strategic missiles in the strike, Pakistan will be able to launch 150. In this case, 50 to 125 million people will die within a week.

The paper also describes the impact of conflict on climate. According to the authors of the study, nuclear explosions will provoke global cooling. This change will be a catalyst for reducing precipitation to 15–30% compared to the current normal situation. To return to its former temperature, the planet will take more than one year.

Earlier, Pakistan warned the world community about the possibility of a nuclear war with India against the backdrop of an escalation of the situation in Kashmir.

Recall, on August 5, the Indian authorities decided to abolish the state of Jammu and Kashmir and form two allied territories in its place. Pakistan condemned such a decision and refused to recognize it as an internal affair of India. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, in turn, declared the risk of a military conflict with India.

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