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Biden spoke about the results of the evacuation from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden called the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan “an incredibly successful mission.” He said this in his address on the occasion of the completion of the mission.

“The incredible success of this mission was due to the outstanding abilities, skills, courage, and dedication of the American military, diplomats, and intelligence officers,” he said.

According to Biden, the United States has leverage that will force the Taliban to fulfill its obligations regarding the evacuation of Afghans.

The US president admitted that the calculation on the government forces of Afghanistan was a mistake.

“This assumption that the Afghan government will be able to withstand the time until the withdrawal of troops is completed turned out to be erroneous,” he said.

The American leader added that the United States managed to take out 90% of those who wanted to leave, and there were from 100 to 200 Americans who wanted to leave the country in Afghanistan.

Earlier, Biden told why he decided not to extend the evacuation from Afghanistan.

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