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Taliban secretly accompanied the Americans to the Kabul airport by agreement with the US

The US military concluded a secret agreement with the Taliban movement, according to which the militants accompanied the Americans to the gates of the Kabul airport when they left Afghanistan. This is reported by CNN with reference to two officials of the United States Department of Defense.

According to one of the sources, the US military also installed “secret gates” at the airport and “call centers” to guide people in the evacuation process.

Before that, the Americans were notified that they should gather at pre-established collection points near the airport. From there, the Taliban took them to an exit guarded by the US military, which allowed them to bypass the Afghans gathered near the airport trying to leave Afghanistan.

Earlier it was reported that the US military evacuated from Afghanistan not everyone who expressed a desire to leave the country, confirmed the general of the US Central Command Kenneth F. Mackenzie Jr. According to him, if there is an opportunity for evacuation — both Americans and Afghans — “it will not be denied.”

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