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Personal data of 700 thousand French people got publicly available due to an error

The names, surnames, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, as well as the test results for the coronavirus of 700 thousand French people were publicly available on the Francetest website until Friday.

Reported by Le Figaro.

The error of the website that feeds the results of coronavirus tests conducted at pharmacies, a government platform, has made the personal data and test results of thousands of people available.

Information about patients, including their contact details, test results, name, and date of birth, could be obtained “in a few clicks” by downloading a file that was kept in the public domain on the site.

The bug was fixed only last Friday.

In France, many pharmacists use intermediaries to enter test results and submit them to a government platform. However, Francetest charges one euro for the data transfer.

On Sunday, the General Directorate of Health emailed pharmacies to remind them of software approved and compatible with the government platform, which Francetest does not include.

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