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A drone attacked an airport in Saudi Arabia: eight people wounded

A civilian plane was damaged and eight people were injured in a kamikaze drone attack.

In Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, August 31, a booby-trapped drone attacked the airport in the city of Abha. As a result, a civilian plane was damaged and eight people were wounded, reported the TV channel Al Arabiya, citing a statement of the Riyadh-led Arabian coalition.

It is noted that the drone filled with explosives and launched from the territory of Yemen by rebels from the Ansar Allah movement (Hussites) was shot down in the area of the air harbor by air defense systems. However, as a result of the interception, fragments of the drone fell to the ground, causing casualties and damage to the airliner standing on the takeoff field.

“Saudi air defense forces intercepted and destroyed the second mined Hassi drone in 24 hours, and initial information indicates that there was another attempted attack on Abha airport. As a result of its flying debris, there was damage to a civilian airliner and eight people were injured,” the alliance said.

The nature of the damage to the plane and the condition of the wounded is not reported.

Last night the coalition also informed about the drone attack. The communique noted that as a result of the interception, parts of the destroyed aircraft fell near the airport, but there was no damage or injuries on the ground.

Recall that in spring, a boat with explosives attacked a port in Saudi Arabia. The booby-trapped boat was destroyed. Yemeni rebels did not claim responsibility for the attack.

Before that, a Saudi fighter jet shot down a kamikaze drone of Yemeni Hussein rebels.

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