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Israel's increase in COVID-19 cases is at its highest since the pandemic began

In 24 hours, almost 11,000 cases of infection were detected in the country. Most of the new infections were in minors.

In Israel, a record 10,947 new cases of COVID-19 were identified. This is the highest daily infection rate in the country during the pandemic. The Times of Israel reported this on Tuesday, August 31.

It is noted that most testing was conducted among children on the eve of the new school year.

After the results were obtained, it was found that most of the new infections detected were among minors.

Local media noted that the authorities have not made any announcements about the cancellation or postponement of the start of schooling.

Earlier, it was reported that children in Israel would be tested for COVID-19 from the age of 3.

It was also reported that schools in Israel are imposing additional restrictions — classes, where less than 70% of students are vaccinated, will be transferred to distance learning.

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