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Alibaba fired employees for leaking sexual assault allegations

The Chinese company Alibaba Group has fired ten of its own employees for publishing a colleague's letter about allegations of sexual abuse against a former manager. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources.

Earlier, on the company's internal forum-it is available to 250,000 Alibaba employees — a girl named Zhou accused a former manager of rape. She said that at the end of July, the manager went on a business trip to another city — to negotiate with a client — and forced Zhou to go with him. During the trip, the girl was forced to “drink excessively”, also, according to her, a colleague molested her during and after dinner with clients.

Alibaba fired the guilty employee, saying that it is categorically against such behavior. Later, the man was arrested on charges of rape. In connection with the incident, two more senior managers resigned themselves.

The girl's letter aroused sympathy and spread beyond the corporate forum. The company considered that the employees who published it violated strict confidentiality rules. As a result, ten people were dismissed, and three more were reprimanded for “inappropriate comments” on public forums.

Earlier it became known that Alibaba shares fell to a historic low.

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