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The lawyer of the accused in the storming of the Capitol has disappeared

The defendants in the storming of the US Capitol on January 6 do not have a lawyer, since their lawyer Pierce Bainbridge mysteriously disappeared — presumably, he is on a ventilator and does not get in touch after contracting COVID-19, reports Reuters.

In the trial, Bainbridge is the representative of 17 defendants — they are charged with forcible entry into the Capitol, hooliganism, damage to property. In total, several hundred people were involved in the case of the storming of the Capitol.

Bainbridge's partner, Ryan Marshall, said his colleague was hospitalized with the coronavirus and is unable to communicate much less work. Although Marshall temporarily acted in place of Bainbridge, he is not licensed due to criminal charges and cannot advise clients.

It is noted that it is not possible to contact Bainbridge himself — his phone numbers are currently not serviced.

The prosecutor's office said that it could have contacted Bainbridge “by phone, email or otherwise” since August 23, and noted that there had been no new messages on his Twitter account, which is usually very active, since August 20.

At the beginning of the year, on January 6, supporters of former US President Donald Trump stormed the US Congress building, interrupting a meeting at which they were supposed to approve the results of the last election. As a result of the incident, five people were killed, among them a demonstrator shot by police and a Capitol police officer. The damage to the US Capitol as a result of the assault was estimated at $1.5 million.

Earlier, police officers defending the Capitol filed a lawsuit against Trump.

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