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The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has activated terrorists in Indian Kashmir

Terrorists have stepped up in India's allied territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the north of the country with the start of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. NDTV reported Monday, citing Indian intelligence sources, that attempts to carry out terrorist attacks have been recorded on a regular basis recently.

“Every day for the last month, either an attack with improvised explosive devices on security forces or attacks on political leaders have been reported,” a senior source told the channel.

At least six groups of terrorists have infiltrated the Kashmir valley and are planning attacks on important targets, he said. The level of violence in Jammu and Kashmir has increased significantly in the past month. The channel's source also noted that about 300 terrorists have reassembled camps in the contiguous territory. “We are also on alert and ready,” the NDTV source said.

India's intelligence agencies are closely monitoring information on social media, he said. Since the seizure of Kabul by radical Taliban fighters two weeks ago, social media in Kashmir has been popping up with congratulations to the Taliban. “Recently, a video went viral in Jammu and Kashmir. In the video, certain guys who moved to Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taliban have now returned to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The video shows them being hailed as heroes,” the source noted.

On April 14, US President Joe Biden announced the decision to end the operation in Afghanistan. After that, the Taliban launched a large-scale operation to take control of the country and entered Kabul on August 15 without a fight. Many states are evacuating their citizens and embassy staff from Afghanistan.

The territory of Kashmir has been the subject of a dispute between India and Pakistan since 1947, when British India, after gaining independence, divided into two states on the basis of religion. At the moment there is no state border in Kashmir: its territory is divided by a line of control. In the Indian part, groups advocating separation from the country are active. New Delhi accuses neighboring Pakistan of supporting extremists; Islamabad denies the accusations.

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