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Hurricane Ida has weakened in the U.S. | Natural Disasters

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Louisiana flooded.

The wind speed at the center of the hurricane dropped from 240 to 150 kilometers per hour. The storm is moving into northern Louisiana.

Powerful Hurricane Ida, which is raging in the U.S. state of Louisiana, has subsided to the first category, reports CNN on Monday, August 30.

Thus, the speed of winds inside the hurricane is approximately 152.8 kilometers per hour from 240 kilometers the day before. It continues to move north through Louisiana.

In southeastern Louisiana, the hurricane has caused storm surges, high winds, and flooding.

At least one person was killed because of the natural disaster — a tree fell on him.

The President of the USA Joe Biden approved the request of the state to declare the regime of the big natural disasters because of the hurricane. Thus, the state will receive federal funding for the victims.

As it was reported, the hurricane left more than a million people without electricity, including completely de-energized New Orleans.

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