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Macron: the world has set conditions for the Taliban

French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with the TV channel TF1 that holding talks with the Taliban does not mean its subsequent official recognition.

The head of the Fifth Republic had confirmed the day before that the negotiations with the Taliban were in progress and concerned the issues of humanitarian operations and the evacuation of Afghans who needed protection.

We have to admit: those who control Kabul and the territory [of Afghanistan] are the Taliban. So operationally, from a practical point of view, we have to have discussions, which is what we have started to do. When I say 'we', I am talking about the international community,” Macron noted.

He added that the international community has set conditions for the Taliban. According to him, the movement should respect humanitarian law, human rights, and the “dignity of Afghan women”, respect the rights of citizens, as well as not conduct joint activities with terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

Earlier it became known that France and Great Britain will call on the UN to work out the issue of creating a “security zone” in the Afghan capital Kabul. This was announced by Emmanuel Macron. The French leader said that the “security zone” would allow humanitarian operations in the region. Macron added that France and Great Britain will submit a draft resolution on the establishment of such a zone in Kabul to the UN.

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