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A dangerous habit: another way to catch a coronavirus is named

A dangerous habit: another way to catch a coronavirus is named

COVID-19 pandemic threatens the world if humanity does not get rid of widespread addiction

People who bite their nails run the risk of catching a coronavirus, says Dr. Purvi Parikh. He studies allergies and infectious diseases at the Langone Medical Center at the University of New York.

According to the expert, a common habit is one of the easiest ways to catch the so-called “Chinese pneumonia”, which has long gone beyond the Middle Kingdom. After all, various bacteria accumulate under the nails of a person. Then they get into the mouth.

Salvation Paris sees in the constant washing of hands. And still, the doctor emphasizes, you need to wean yourself to bite your nails. It is through the oral mucosa that it is easiest to catch a wide variety of infections. Given that COVID-19 virus has now taken over the planet, it will not be difficult to pick it up, reports The Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, the habit of biting nails, first of all, is psychological dependence. And you won’t be able to get rid of it overnight. To avoid the temptation to put your fingers into your mouth will help rubber bands, which should wrap their ends, as well as gloves. Another way to combat addiction, as well as smoking, is chewing gum. The expert also advises using your fingers to the maximum to exclude the possibility of pulling them into your mouth.

The killer virus has reached Russia. Fortunately, the epidemic is still far away. The first to become infected are the Chinese, who have already been discharged from hospitals, recalls FlashNord. In addition, COVID-19 was picked up by seven tourists vacationing in Italy. He was also found in three passengers of the Diamond Princess liner.

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