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«Delta» strain doubles the risk of hospitalization | COVID-19

According to data collected in Britain, the “Delta” strain is twice as likely to lead to hospitalization as the “Alpha” (“British”) strain, which used to be dominant in Britain and Europe.

It is reported by The Guardian. The results of the study were published in the journal The Lancet.

The study was conducted by the Public Health Agency of England and the Medical Research Council between March and May when “Alpha” and “Delta”-stamps were simultaneously present in Britain. The latter has now almost completely supplanted the “British” one.

A total of 43,338 cases of coronavirus disease were reviewed, for which they sequenced the virus genome and determined which strain caused the infection. Among these patients, only 1.8% were fully vaccinated, 24% were single-dose vaccinated, and 74% were not vaccinated at all.

Among patients with the Alpha strain, 2.2% were in the hospital and 2.3% with the Delta strain. However, when age, vaccination, and ethnicity were taken into account, the researchers concluded that the risk of hospitalization was 2.26 times higher for the Delta strain.

The researchers cautioned against drawing conclusions about the risks for vaccinated people if they were infected with a particular strain since the majority of the sample were unvaccinated patients.

Note that during the summer wave of coronavirus in Britain — when the Delta strain had already become dominant — there were several times fewer deaths than during the winter wave, despite almost the same infection rates. This is most likely due to the fact that the highest-risk groups are already protected by vaccination.

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