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Biden warned of a possible attack on the Kabul airport in the next day

US President Joe Biden warned that the Kabul airport could be attacked in the next 24-36 hours, the White House press service reports.

The American leader also noted in a published statement that the US military will continue to carry out airstrikes against the militants of the Islamic State group in Khorasan, which is an offshoot of the Islamic State terrorist organization.

Earlier, Biden said that the United States “will not forget and will not forgive” the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks at the Kabul airport — they will be punished in full.

On August 26, several explosions occurred near the Kabul airport. A terrorist blew himself up near the Baron Hotel, where foreigners stay. The second explosion occurred near the building of the Afghan Foreign Ministry. The media also reported that the terrorist group IG was involved in the tragedy.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health of Afghanistan, the death toll has risen to almost 200 people.

The victims of the attack were 12 American Marines and a US Navy medic.

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