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Former Vice-Chancellor of Austria receives suspended sentence due to scandal in Ibiza

A court has sentenced former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache to 15 months of suspended imprisonment in the case related to the Ibiza-gate corruption scandal, AFP reports.

The judge who heard Strache's case said, “The chronology of events leaves no room for doubt.”

Two years ago, a video shot on Ibiza in which Strache was allegedly discussing the possibility of buying media assets to influence elections in the country with a Russian woman surfaced on the Internet. However, it later turned out that the woman was a Bosnian student who had been rewarded for her role.

After the publication of the video in Austria, a political scandal erupted, which resulted in the resignation of the government headed by Sebastian Kurz. As a result of early parliamentary elections, he resumed his post of chancellor.

In May this year, the Austrian prosecutor's office suspected Kurtz of giving false testimony in connection with the case of publication of the scandalous video. However, Kurz said that these suspicions were unfounded. The office continued to look for those who ordered the video.

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