Coronavirus 2020 — a threat to peace

The coronavirus epidemic, like a migratory bird, moves from country to country without any interference, despite the fact that state borders are closed to tourists from China and potentially dangerous countries.

Coronavirus 2020 — a threat to peace

The number of infected people is growing (there are already more than 90,000 in China).

If there is control over nuclear weapons and the state can guarantee the safety of its population, then there is no control over biological weapons, let alone viruses.

If a serious epidemic or other mortal danger really arises in the world, there is no particular need to count on solidarity.

Fear and panic spread faster than the disease itself. No one can be insured against the possibility of infection — it makes everyone feel dangerous.

Fear of another

The coronavirus epidemic has launched another epidemic — xenophobia, and racism in relation to representatives of Asian countries around the world.

In North America, schools harass Chinese students. On the streets of Europe shouts are heard to the representatives of Asian countries: “Dirty Chinese, you are not welcome in France!” A similar situation in Australia, New Zealand. “Some people treat us like we're a virus,” said Chinese people living abroad.

“This new virus has revealed fear of other people and the feeling that troubles come from somewhere outside,” says Roger Cale, a professor at York University. — This is almost a ready-made template: as soon as a connection is established between certain groups of the population and diseases in society, it becomes almost impossible to separate the labeled group from the image of the threat. The consequences of such racism can be far more devastating and lasting than the outbreak itself. ”

At the time of the epidemic, everyone saves himself. Nowadays, man to man is a wolf! So far, there is no question of solidarity in the fight against the epidemic. It is necessary to isolate yourself or isolate the source of distribution: you need to protect yourself and your loved ones and at the same time defeat the spread of the epidemic.

Like any disaster, the epidemic makes everyone think about the cause of what is happening, study the problem from different angles.

China is the celestial empire of the whole world

Coronavirus brings down global markets and economies. Large international companies are not only very dependable but are now suffering from the disruption of supply chains from the Middle Kingdom.

“If in 2015 China produced 80% of air conditioners, 70% of telephones, 60% of shoes on the planet, in 2020 China has almost complete control over the production of medicines with the trademarks of Western countries and clearly demonstrates its geopolitical goals, which are unacceptable and economically dangerous for other countries”.

China is developing the “One Belt — One Way” project, an initiative to create a global transport and investment infrastructure. Investments in 50 countries supporting this initiative amount to more than $64 billion and may increase to $30 billion.

Partners include, among others, Kuwait and Iraq. The project “One belt — one way” involved 68 countries from different continents. It covers 65% of the world's population and 40% of world GDP.

In addition, Beijing laid a “bomb” in a trade war with the United States. A package of bonds owned by China is $1,168 billion, and if sold, it will be a serious blow to the US economy.

Many countries, on the one hand, suffer economically from the effects of coronavirus, on the other hand, for them, this crisis is a convenient opportunity to get rid of the imbalance and dependence on Chinese expansion.

In the case when they do not want to deal with any country, it becomes as if a leper. If demand changes, China will become an outcast country, because, despite total production, demand is on the other hand.

Beijing should already today recognize the consequences of its trade aggression and change its policy, not to bring the world to its knees and not to use it as a market, without making any intellectual contribution that would serve the social and intellectual development of the whole society.

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