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Military plane crashes in Tianjin, China. People are in a panic. Video

Military plane crashes in Tianjin, China. People are in a panic. Video

It became known that in the Chinese city of Tianjin, a BBC HOAK military plane crashed. The first videos from the scene appeared on the network.

According to eyewitnesses who literally like scalded are trying to escape from a crashed plane, they said that before the crash they noticed the canopy of the parachute, which later disappeared behind the thick smoke from the burning ship.

In the published videos, you can notice how people are fleeing from the scene of the incident. Around everything is blazing and thick smoke is breaking out. Cars that were nearby also trying to leave the danger zone as soon as possible. Already in other shots taken from far away, one can see that fire trucks immediately come to the crash site, and in the distance thick black smoke is pouring into the sky.

At the moment, it is not known in which part of the city the crash occurred and for what reason it generally happened. There is no information about the victims either.

It is worth recalling that this is not the first plane crash in recent years. On February 22, in the Russian city of Magadan, a passenger plane crashed. According to media reports, the aircraft could not gain the necessary height for takeoff and crashed to the ground. Fortunately, there were no fatalities on the plane, since rescuers who arrived at the scene prevented the fire of the hull and a further explosion.

With this "landing" injured 14 passengers on board. Since the plane suffered significant damage during the crash, it did not work to evacuate people through emergency exits - rescuers had to cut people out of the metal structure of the aircraft.

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