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The White House announced Biden's upcoming speech on the terrorist attack in Afghanistan

The President of the United States Joe Biden will make a statement on the terrorist attack at the airport in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, where 12 American soldiers were killed. This was announced by the White House on Thursday, August 26.

The speech is scheduled for 17.00 on August 26, local time.

As a result of the explosions in Kabul, according to preliminary data, about 40 people were killed. About 120 people were injured.

The US Embassy in Afghanistan urged US citizens to refuse to travel to the air hub and avoid exits from the airport due to security threats outside the gates of Kabul airport, and those who are at the eastern or northern gates, as well as at the Abbey gate, should immediately leave there.

Earlier on Thursday, British Deputy Defense Minister James Hippy warned that a terrorist attack could occur at the airport of the Afghan capital in the coming hours.

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