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15 people injured in Kabul airport bombing

In a suicide blast at one of the airport entrances in Kabul, at least 15 people were injured.

The Kabul airport has been struck by a suicide bomber who killed at least 15 people, the Al Jazeera TV channel has reported, citing a security source. The publication also claims that at least two people died in the suicide bombing.

The Wall Street Journal also claimed that at least three American soldiers were wounded in the explosion. The explosion occurred at approximately 6:00 p.m. local time. Meanwhile, Australia, the U.S., and Britain had warned their citizens of the potential attack since Thursday morning.

People outside the airport were advised to leave the area immediately.

According to media reports, the explosion was triggered by a suicide bomber who blew himself up near the Baron Hotel where foreigners are staying. There is currently no free access to the airport in Kabul. Militants of the radical Taliban movement, who seized power in Afghanistan, set up a checkpoint at the entrance of the airport. The Taliban only let through those who are either citizens of NATO countries or have visas or special invitations to alliance states. According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, it will be impossible to leave the country after 31

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