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Biden said that Russia knows who is behind the cyberattack

Russia knows who is behind the high-profile cyberattack using ransomware viruses, US President Joe Biden said. He made such a statement during a meeting on cybersecurity.

“I had a summit with (the President of Russia) by Vladimir Putin, and I made it clear that we expect them to hold them accountable because they (the Russian authorities) know where they are and who they are, “ Biden said.

The meeting of the heads of Russia and the United States was held on June 16 in Geneva. Following the talks, Putin said that Moscow and Washington had agreed to start consultations on cybersecurity.

Subsequently, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the United States, Richard Downing, said that most cyberattacks on the United States are carried out from the territory of Russia. According to him, the Russian Federation tops the list of cyberattacks against the United States.

At the same time, Downing noted that the Russian government is not behind these attacks. In his opinion, Moscow is rather “not doing what it could do” to prevent such incidents.

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