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Coronavirus leaked to the Vatican: what with Pope Francis?

Coronavirus leaked to the Vatican: what with Pope Francis?

Holy See confirms first COVID-19 infection

Shortly after dispelling rumors that Pope Francis, 83, had become infected with the coronavirus, the Vatican officially confirmed the first case of COVID-19 infection.

This, according to La Repubblica, on March 6, said the head of the press service of the Holy See Matteo Bruni.

He did not specify exactly who was infected, but noted that the patient was quarantined, and the Italian authorities notified the incident.

Earlier that morning, the Vatican's Sanitary and Hygiene Directorate temporarily suspended all outpatient services in order to decontaminate the room after one of the patients found a positive reaction to the virus.

However, the penetration of the epidemic onto the Vatican Hill was only a matter of time, since Italy has already outstripped the two main foci of infection in the rate of spread of the coronavirus — China and South Korea. There, only in a day, 769 new cases were discovered. In total, there are 3,858 infected people on the Apennines.

Recall, in order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus epidemic, all public events were suspended in Italy, quarantined in a number of cities and all educational institutions were closed.

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