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A loud scandal broke out in the guard of the British Queen Elizabeth II

A loud scandal broke out in the guard of Her Majesty, the British Queen. Soldier of this elite unit — one of the symbols of the Foggy Albion-was arrested on suspicion of raping his colleagues, reports by Mirror.

According to media reports, the victims are two recruits of the Coldstream Guard. This is the oldest regiment in the country, which provides security for members of the government and protects palaces during ceremonies with the participation of members of the royal family.

According to the materials of the scandalous case, the suspect abused young soldiers near Windsor Castle during the so-called rite of passage. Now the guardsman is suspended from service.

Earlier, members of the royal family discussed the possibility of self-service during meals, but Elizabeth II insisted on the help of staff. Now the situation has not changed, but all employees wear masks and do not approach the queen. The rest of the inhabitants of the palace are allowed to indulge in their former pleasures in the form of picnics on the estate and deer hunting.

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